sábado, 4 de setembro de 2010


Dear Sir
Krishna Pandit Bhanji
A.K.A. Ben Kingsley
Even though your superb acting in the movie Gandhi and your deserved Academy Award achievement, even though your magnificent career, when you say that "Lula's history is even bigger than Gandhi's", you declare your complete lack of respect and information regarding both biographies.
Your evaluation about Lula's life is almost totally based on a (poor) movie (financed heavily by public money). However, despite the understanding that you possess little information for saying such galactic nonsense, on behalf of the Mahatma Gandhi, you couldn't be more wrong. Your comparison is an offense not only to the citizens of India, but to the citizens of Brazil as a whole. I can be even clearer.
In Brazil, people that know the Gandhi saga would never set the comparison with Lula's. It would be an outrage and nothing less. In Brazil, people that DO NOT KNOW the history and what Gandhi represents, IF THEY KNEW, they would repel such comparison too. As you can see, you are the only person in the world that demonstrates such terrible lack of information and a complete ignorance about the universal facts.
However, you ought to have your personal reasons. The only remarkable role you ever played was Gandhi and, by deduction, it was not as good for you as it should be. Your personal matters, on the other hand, do not authorize you to offend Gandhi comparing his life with our Lula.
Gandhi dedicated his life to the wider purpose of discovering truth, or Satya. He tried to achieve this by learning from his own mistakes and conducting experiments on himself. He called his autobiography The Story of My Experiments with Truth.
And Lula is the opposite of all that. Lula is becoming a master liar and an authoritarian leader that really is in war with democracy and the truth on a daily basis. Lula does not fight against oppression. He is the oppression. Lula does not defend human rights, freedom of speech and ethics. Lula is everyday more like his friends Chávez, Ahmadinejad and Fidel Castro.
Finally, Mr. Kingsley, it is always time to regret and ask for indulgence.
And I beg Shiva have mercy on your soul for such pathetic statement.

Glauco Fonseca

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  1. Vou traduzir isto para o português do Lula e protocolar na presidência da república. Este canalha, cachaceiro, salafrário, mentiroso, ignorante,bossal,safado,analfabeto jamais poderia ser comparado a Gandhi. Como pode alguém ter a audácia e a infâmia de fazer tal comparação. Foram de desiformados como estes que sairam os elogios para este canalha, moleque. Acho que a maldição do Obama com a aceitação em baixa começou depois que ele disse que este idiota era ¨o cara ¨ Bem Feito !!